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Request a suitcase

I would be honored to create a pop-up suitcase for a loved-one you’ve lost to COVID-19. I use the obituary or memorial information, remove names for privacy and create a one-of-a-kind, handmade pop-up suitcase to be included in the Remarkable Presence installation from September-October. Following the installation, I will safely ship the suitcase to you, free of charge.

Request a Pop Up Suitcase for a Loved-one you’ve lost

To have a pop-up suitcase made, I’m asking for the following:

Agree to have this suitcase included in the Remarkable Presence installation. It will be displayed either at the Walter Art Gallery, Practical Art or Chandler Center for the Arts Vision Gallery (other locations may be added).

Make a donation to 1 of 2 organizations:

Request an Empty, Numbered Suitcase

To receive an empty, numbered suitcase, I’m asking for 2 things:

Agree to emotionally tend to the memory and belongings of the person it represents.

Make a donation to 1 of 2 organizations:


Marked by COVID is a non-profit established by Kristin Urquiza, whose father died of COVID in Arizona in 2020. They are working to connect people impacted by COVID to build a COVID Justice movement, including the writing of “honest obituaries” which tell the unvarnished truth about the COVID victim’s death and working to implement local, state, and national strategies to ensure that our elected officials center the needs of those most harmed by this preventable disaster.

Pongo Poetry Project is a Seattle-based organization whose mission is to engage youth in writing poetry to inspire healing and growth. My sister, Tina, was a part of the mentor program where she went on to mentor homeless teens in writing at New Horizons Ministries.

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