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Throughout the exhibit dates, I will be holding several events I’m calling “Collective Grievings.” Throughout the pandemic, memorials and funerals have been put on hold “due to COVID’, delaying or suspending the grief of family and friends. For my own sister, her memorial didn’t take place until months after her death and then only local Seattle friends could attend. Only two family members, including myself, could be there. I learned how important gathering is to have a small sense of closure and how this suspension of collective grieving extends and silences our suffering. 

Whether community members have directly lost a family member or friend, nearly all of us in Arizona know someone who lost someone. We are all grieving this loss. I will have several events at locations including the Walter Art Gallery, Practical Art and Vision Gallery in Chandler where people can safely gather and receive an empty, numbered suitcase from the installation. The only thing I ask is that each recipient agree to emotionally tend to the person’s belongings and memory, even if they don’t know exactly who that person is. If we can address this pain and loss together, maybe we can better acknowledge the impact the pandemic has had on us all, rather than sweeping it under the rug and “moving on”.

Specific dates for events will be added here as they are scheduled. Check back for updates.

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